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Actron Air Adelaide

Actron Air Adelaide
November 25, 2016 Kozco

If you are looking for the best Air Conditioning Adelaide can get, you cant go past Actron Air. Actron Air build the only premium Australian designed air conditioning system built for the harsh Australian Summer. By integrating a range of award winning features into their Air Conditioners, their systems are the most energy efficient systems on the market. Based on energy modelling, they can save you up to $900 in running costs every year.

Actron Air – The History

Three men with Garry Mundy at the helm launched this firm 40 years ago; a father and his sons. Since starting out in 1984, the trio has developed a company so well-loved and trusted that success was sure to follow and it has, spreading the good name of Actron Air around the country. They lead and innovate to the point where the company is able to sponsor a world-class V8 driver. Their most recent awards include a position as 2014 Endeavour Finalist, 2014 ARBS Industry Award Winner for Product Excellence; 2014 AIRAH Winner for Excellence in Sustainability, and the 2016 Good Design Award.

Actron Air Adelaide – Types of Systems

Buy a system for the home or for your commercial setting; a system that was made to handle the heat in your given living or working space. Some are small because your home or office is also small, so don’t waste energy on a unit that is excess to requirement.

Split systems use a cooling unit and internal outlet to send refrigerated air around a room. Ducted Reverse Cycle AC cools a bigger space using an external pump to send air through vents in the ceiling. The user has control over the temperature and can also connect AC to the internet.


Actron Air ESP Plus and Ultima systems – made for the Australian Climate

The ESP Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

With several fan speeds, this award-winner has become a popular, economical choice when you need considerable power. Of all its qualities, the potential to chop a whopping 60% from the power a home uses to stay cool is probably at the top. This has the potential to save a homeowner $900 annually. Choose the setting in all of 8 control zones using your Smartphone too.

The ESP-Ultima-3D is even more effective but still efficient to the same specifications as the ESP original. Platinum systems are really impressive, using up to 75% less power than a Ducted product from other AC companies. Technology is important in so many areas of life, but you see this so clearly when the dollar value for providing comfort at the peak of summer is no longer causing you pressure. Chopping up to 60% from your bill is a huge savings.

Serene Wall Hung Split System

This attractive system for a single room changes the visual aspect of air conditioning. Forget those ugly, noisy boxes; Actron has it all figured out. Slim, light gray matte style sits naturally amid the rest of your home or office décor. Easily read the LED display night or day or cover it again so the smooth look of your machine and the room are uninterrupted by shiny numbers. There’s nothing else like it. Access is on the outside, so it’s no trouble to turn this off at the unit, although a remote control makes this job even easier. Choose up-and-down or left-to-right orientation of airflow using the remote control. Cool the room faster with a special “swing mode” or “Turbo Zone” in case you forgot to prepare your space ahead of time. Automatic memory recalls the last setting you chose.


Unique Features of Actron Air Systems

What sets Actron Air apart from the rest? Good question.

Vertical Cooling Fans

One of the most critical components of the Actron Air Ducted Air Conditioning systems is the vertical cooling fans on their external units. This expels warm air vertically, or above the unit. As hot air naturally rises this is important on days that get above 35 degrees celcius. It keeps the unit cooler which enables it to generate refrigerated air to the home.

Other systems on the market use horizontal cooling fans. Often units are mounted against walls or fences. This results in hot air being trapped in and around the unit. As a result the system simply gets too hot and cannot generate enough refrigerated air to keep the home cool on a hot day. The result is poor performance or excessive energy use as the system strains to generate air that is cold enough. The excessive energy consumption creates even more warm air which means it has to work even harder.

These foreign designed systems have been built primarily for humid climates where horizontal cooling fans work better to expel the warm air. In a hot climate like Australia, where dry heat comes straight off the desert, the air is hot. A horizontal cooling fan simply does not do the job. That’s why people will complain that their foreign brand ducted air conditioning system doesn’t work on 35 degree plus days – or that it is very expensive to run.

People who purchase Ducted Actron Air Systems for their Adelaide homes and businesses will remark at just how effortlessly these systems seem to run. Now you know why. Simple yet clever design elements such as the vertical cooling fan is the Actron Air difference. It just makes sense to choose an Actron Air ESP Ducted Air Conditioning System for your Adelaide home or business.

Zoning Control with Variable Fan Speed

Actron Air ESP systems come with individual zoning control. That means you can set the temperature level for each room in your home or business. While this feature isn’t unique to Actron Systems, it’s how this feature integrates with the system fan speeds that achieves massive energy savings (like up to $900 per year!).

The Actron System calculates and adjusts energy consumption based on the number of rooms you need to cool. Its like being able to turn off the lights in the rooms you are not using. The result is far less energy usage than other ducted air conditioning systems on the market. This award winning variable fan speed technology is simply second to none. With it you can reduce your energy consumption dramatically and still remain comfortable in your home.

Actron Air Adelaide – Built for Heatwave Conditions

These features enable Actron Air ESP systems to work in temperatures of up to 50 degrees celsius. While the official temperature doesn’t get this high, at ground level on a hot day in Australia it certainly can. In fact temperatures can consistently hover around 50 degrees at ground level for a number of days. When this occurs, other systems can struggle. Actron Air systems have been built with Australian heatwave conditions in mind. As a result they will continue to work efficiently and effectively in an Adelaide summer heatwave.

Actron Air Adelaide ESP Plus System

Actron Air ESP Plus System

Actron Air Adelaide Dealers – Kozco Energy Group

For more information about the Acton Air range of Ducted Air Conditioners and Split Systems speak to Kozco energy group today. As a company focused on energy efficiency, we can help ensure you choose the Actron Air System that is suitable for your Adelaide home or business. We can hep you understand the right size KW air conditioner that will be required for your living space. Phone us on 1300 056 926 today or complete the form below for more information and Actron Air Conditioning.

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