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Actronair Que

Actronair Que
April 20, 2017 Kozco

The Actronair Que is among the most advanced integrated home air conditioning controllers on the market today. Its elegant design and advanced user interface will provide you with complete control of your air conditioning system from either, its wall mounted controller, your smart phone or other smart device.

The Actronair Que’s state of the art control features, enable you to set the air conditioning settings within specific areas of your home (zones) and adjust them to provide exactly the level of comfort that you require at different times of the day, week or season or when they are occupied. This means that you can achieve greater energy efficiency by controlling the climate only in areas of the house where required and by setting predefined schedules for different usage needs. In addition, the Que Connect mobile app (standard inclusion) enables you to control your air conditioning system from your Internet Wi-Fi connected smart device wherever you are.

Actron Que Overview Specifications

Actron Que Overview Specifications of unit

Energy Efficiency and Air Conditioning

According to home energy efficiency studies, your selection of ducted air conditioning is often the most important factor in reducing a home’s energy use. It is estimated that heating and cooling a home can account for over 40% of all energy consumed by an average household. This means that choosing the most energy efficient air conditioning system and operating it at its optimal level can be the single most important factor when it comes to using less energy in your home, and therefore saving you thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

The Actronair Que controller enables both overall control of your air conditioning system as well as by providing climate control in individual zones in your house. With its advanced feedback and diagnostics systems you can see the level at which the system is operating at a glance, as well as checking historical data of how the system operated the past. Its advanced scheduling function allows you to make sure that your air conditioning system is only used when required.

Tracking Energy and Efficiency History

The Energy History feature of the Actronair Que allows you to examine the past performance and energy usage of your system allowing you to make informed decisions on settings that will minimise your energy use and save you money. Through its intuitive use interface, it clearly shows the periods in which your system was in cooling, heating or standby mode and shows the average temperature achieved by the system against your desired temperature setting and the energy consumed.

Air Conditioning in the Zone

An important element in achieving efficiency in an air conditioning system is to designate specific areas of your home into zones. These are intended to reflect the way you use your home at different times of the day as well as only providing climate control to the zone in the house where it is actually required, unlike conventional inverter systems that necessitate you cooling or heating unrequired areas to basically dump excess air. The Actronirair Que system provides variable volume individual zone controllers for up to eight zones including the master controller.

You can change the temperature settings in all zones at once as well as setting individual zone temperatures to suit individual needs. The dual set temperature feature enables you to set your air conditioner to operate within a range of temperature settings which also maximises your energy savings.

The Actronair Que controller also enables your air conditioner to learn and remember your zone and ducting configuration to deliver the optimal airflow required. This means that the controller automatically provides the precise volume of air to the zone required saving you energy while providing you with your desired comfort level.

Actronair Que Types

When considering Actron Que choose the right type of controller for your home

Scheduling Functions

One of the most important ways to get the best energy efficiency from your air conditioning system is to make sure that it is only used when required. The Actronair Que’s advanced scheduling functions let you set the desired temperature for the zones in your home at different times of the day or week or when you are absent. Going on holidays for example, just push the away button. When home resume normal programming.

With its intuitive user interface it allows you to program the system to automatically run at specified times during the day or week. This can be set for individual zones or for the entire system. A graphical display shows you the settings for a whole week to provide easy monitoring of your schedule. There is also a simpler Master Timer function that allows shutdown of individual zones or the entire system based on a countdown screen.

With its elegant good looks and advanced control functions the Actronair Que enables you to get the most from your air conditioning system and to do so as efficiently as possible. Contact Kozco today to find out more.