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Terms and Conditions


Your Kozco Air Conditioning System is covered by our specific warranty terms and conditions, which are detailed in the Warranty Certificate provided for these conditions of sale. Kozco responsibility will be limited to repairing or replacing, at Kozco discretion the products or installation services provided. Items of a consequential nature arising from any cause are not
Covered by this warranty. Restoration or removal of any structure which may impede the installation is excluded from our warranty unless specifically included and allowed for in our quotation.


Our quotation allows for normal access for installation during normal working hours. Out-of-hours installations may involve additional costs to your account. Kozco quotations are open for acceptance for 30 days from date of quotation. After this time prices and terms may be varied. All prices are based on taxes and statutory changes current at the time of quotation.

Should government statutory changes be made during the period of first fix to final fix (can take up to 1 year) these changes will be notified and charged to the customer as an extra. These changes would be out of the control of Kozco Pty Ltd.


The point of delivery will be Kozco warehouse or as stipulated in Kozco quotation. Kozco will insure you against loss or damage of delivery stipulated. The customer is responsible for insurance and any damage subsequent to delivery. Please inspect the goods immediately upon receipt and advice Kozco of any claims resulting from damage in transit within 14 days. Otherwise we will deem that the product has been received in good order and condition.


The scope of work covered by the installation is limited to that specifically detailed in our written quotation. Should additional work not contemplated in our quotation be discovered, we will submit a variation for your approval before proceeding. Kozco quotation for installation assumes that sufficient electrical power is available from an adjacent switchboard. Should upgrading of your power be necessary to accommodate the product to be installed, then the costs of upgrade will be additional to our quotation. It is your responsibility to obtain from council or other statutory bodies, any necessary approvals for your installation. On request Kozco will provide noise level measurements for the product we sell. Kozco does not accept responsibility for addressing complaints arising from noise nuisance.


If through no fault of Kozco, commencement of the installation is delayed more than 60 days after the acceptance of our quotation by our customer, Kozco reserves the right to revise its quotation to reflect current prices for material and labor.

If through no fault of Kozco the builder calls for an installation, units are purchased by Kozco, and builder delays the installation by more than 60 days, Kozco reserves the right to invoice in full.

In the event of gas and/or electrical services not being available to enable Kozco to carry our final commissioning of the system, Kozco reserves the right to claim for the balance of their quotation. Kozco undertakes to complete the commissioning promptly upon provision of the required services.


I/We acknowledge that Kozco may seek from a credit reporting agency information about my/our personal credit history when assessing any application for credit. I/We agree that Kozco may disclose personal credit information about me/us to a credit reporting agency or to any other credit provider named in any application and any credit providers that may be named in a credit report and may seek similar information from them during the term of the Sale Agreement for purposes permitted under the Privacy Act.

I/We agree to pay expenses costs or disbursement incurred in recovering out-standing monies including debt collection agency fees and solicitors costs, providing such fees do not exceed the scale charges of such agents and solicitors.

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