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Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning
November 24, 2016 Kozco

Ducted air conditioning (also called ducted reverse cycle air conditioning) is the best climate control solution for the entire home. This is because it provides both cool and warm air to every room in your home, making it the complete solution. This is important in the Adelaide climate which can produce both very hot conditions in Summer and cold conditions in the winter.

ducted air conditioning diagram

An overview of how the ducting transports the air from the system to the rooms in your home.

The reverse-cycle heating approach is also fundamentally efficient. In fact, a number of experts have described ducted air conditioning systems as the most efficient and involved of them all. They transport cooled or heated air through vents installed in all the rooms to be serviced.

The up-front investment can be the highest; however, a ducted system is typically the best choice to keep the temperature of an entire building at a comfortable level all throughout the year.

major benefits include:

• Provides solution for the entire home during the summer and winter.
• Evenly distributes air to ensure no cold or hot spots around the home.
• Provides flexibility and energy efficiency through as many as 6 separate AC zones.
• It is easy to control with ‘set and forget’ timers that control zone and central temperatures.


Ducted Air Conditioning Systems by Actron Air provide premium ducted Air Conditioning Solutions built for the Australian climate


Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning


For the majority of homes, installing ducted air conditioning is less costly in comparison to equipping each room with wall-hung split systems. Furthermore, adding this type of system boosts the overall value of the home.


There are a number of different systems available including Digital Scroll, Inverters and Premium systems; there is also an array of cooling capacity. There are both single and three-phase models available. Basically, the range indicates that every style and size of home has a ducted solution.

Noise Reduction

All the noise-producing equipment are installed under the floor, in the ceiling or outside. This makes ducted air conditioning the quietest of all the available options.


The only visible components of the system are the grills mounted to the floor or ceiling. Therefore, unlike wall-hung units, ducted air conditioning systems do not interfere with the overall aesthetics of the rooms in which they are placed.

Lifespan and Durability

Another remarkable feature of the reverse-cycle systems is their capacity to last for a long while. The compressors have important moving parts they rely on. However, reliable function can be guaranteed for decades if regular maintenance is carried out by professionals.

Safety and Ease of Use

In contrast to other heating and cooling styles, there is no need to use painfully hot elements or burn fuels with reverse-cycle systems. Ducted air conditioning systems produce gentle heat that can effectively cool and warm the home in a safer, subtler way.

Ducted air conditioning systems provides total control over cooling the whole house. If there are certain key rooms that require cooling during the warmer months, a series of window or wall-hung air conditioners could be loud, costly and inefficient.

Zoning Control

If you are thinking about cooling most of or every room in your home, a ducted system could be the best solution for you. Ducted air conditioning systems also provides you with the choice of just cooling select zones or rooms or the entire house. Additionally, their control system is tremendously versatile. It provides you with all the necessary control to keep down energy costs and maintain comfort.

Actron Air Ducted Air Conditioning Plan

The Actron Air ESP plus system is designed to give you full control over each zone in your home.

Cooling your home should not be considered a luxury. Similar to other important investments, the value of the reverse-cycle system should be viewed against the possible returns expected over its lifespan. With correctly matched capacity, investing in a ducted air conditioning system can pay off handsomely for a long time to come. Primarily in areas like superior cooling and heating efficiency and increased comfort.

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