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Energy News

  • May082017
    Solar Panels

    Solar Panel Buying Guide

    Buying Solar Panels does not have to be a painful experience. This article provides some helpful tips to consider when purchasing Solar Panels.

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  • Apr282017
    Solar Panel Trend Australia

    Solar Panels More Popular Than Ever in Australia

    Solar Panels becoming increasingly popular in Australia, read this article to find the reasons for this growing trend.

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  • Apr202017
    Actron Que Controller

    Actronair Que

    The Actron Que Interface revolutionises the way you control your air conditioner. This article gives you an overview of the Actron Que.

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  • Apr032017

    Solar Batteries – Make and Store Your Own Energy

    Solar batteries represent a new wave of energy efficiency technology for Adelaide homes and businesses. Now it is possible to make and store your own energy - giving you more independence and freedom from the Energy grid and rising energy costs.

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  • Mar152017

    5 Handy Energy Saving Apps

    This is a list of 5 great energy saving apps that will help you monitor, manage, calculate and reduce your energy usage in your home.

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  • Mar062017

    Simple Energy Saving Tips for Your Home or Business

    Read 8 helpful tips to reduce energy consumption in your Adelaide home or business. Most of these are simple tips you can do today!

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  • Mar032017

    How Efficient is Solar Power?

    A lot of people are talking about Solar Panels. But how efficient is Solar Power? How much can you save? This guide will show you the benefits and Return on investment if you invest in Solar.

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  • Feb072017

    ESP Platinum Ducted Air Conditioner

    The ESP Platinum Ducted Air Conditioner is a premium Australian designed air conditioner that is built for the harsh Australian climate. It boasts a range of features that makes it incredibly energy efficient, saving you literally thousands of dollars in power bills throughout the lifetime of your Air Conditioner.

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  • Dec302016

    LED Lights

    LED lights provide wealth of benefits to Adelaide homes and businesses. They will not only save you money on energy costs, they also look amazing and require less maintenance. Read more about the many benefits of LED Downlights and how your Adelaide business can take advantage through the REES Scheme.

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  • Dec162016

    ESP Plus Ducted Air Conditioners

    When a company takes an extraordinary step in technology you see extraordinary results. Actron Air's digital compressor technology means their Ducted Air Conditioning systems are able to operate at 10% of its total capacity. This means you use less energy when you are placing less demand on your system. It results in huge energy savings for your home.

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  • Nov252016

    Actron Air Adelaide

    Actron Air are Australia’s premium Air Conditioners built for the harsh Australian climate. These systems can save you up to $900 every year in energy costs thanks to their award winning technology. The unique Australian climate places demands on Air Conditioning like no where else. Actron Air have produced an air conditioning solution specifically for Australia.

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  • Nov242016

    Ducted Air Conditioning

    Ducted Air Conditioning is by far the most effective and efficient way to cool and heat your home. Also known as Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning, these systems allows for year round comfort and individual zoning control. Kozco supply the most efficient ducted air conditioning on the Australian market and the only systems that are Australian designed and built for the harsh Australian climate.

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  • Nov142016
    Picture of LED Light

    REES Scheme – Huge Savings for Adelaide Businesses

    The REES energy scheme from the South Australian Government presents a great opportunity to save on energy product upgrades for your Adelaide home or business. The SA Government is offering rebates on a range of energy saving products such as LED light fittings and water saving shower heads. The scheme means you save when you upgrade to energy efficient solutions in both the short term and long term.

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