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5 Handy Energy Saving Apps

5 Handy Energy Saving Apps
March 15, 2017 Kozco

The rise in smartphone usage has changed the way people manage energy consumption. Cloud-based energy software is increasingly becoming popular and it is proving to be the future of energy management. The applications help utility consumers to stay in control by simply pulling a mobile device.

The technology creates an opportunity for energy providers to work more closely with customers when it comes to reducing grid loads. Some companies are already leveraging the power of these mobile apps to cut power consumption, particularly during peak hours.

Bidgely, a California based energy analytics company assisted an Australian firm achieve this objective. As a result, United Energy managed to reduce grid load by up to 30 percent. The rural Australian utility took advantage of the HomeBeat platform. The reductions were recorded during peak hours.

Top energy saving apps

Energy Watchdog

App Info Here

This free app provides a viable way to check the energy efficiency of a wide variety of electrical appliances. It helps households identify the most costly appliances that inflate the energy bill. The application was developed by EnergyLabs. It is designed to detect any fluctuations in magnetic fields. This enables the app to determine whether electricity is flowing through a given appliance.

It uses an in-built magnetometer or compass on the mobile phone device. The user needs to simply place a smartphone close to a point that disperses maximum magnetic field on the appliance. For instance, placing it near the refrigerator’s motor.

energy watchdog app


Solar Energy

App Info Here

The Solar-Energy app is aimed at helping anyone planning to leverage the power of renewable energy. It provides unlimited access to informative guides on how to save power using solar panels. The application can be useful to both solar professionals and beginners. It shows basic steps to designing and installing a fully functional solar electrical system for personal use. The Solar-Energy app is undoubtedly the most comprehensive solar app on the market.

This app shows you energy usage

This app shows you energy usage


Loop Energy Management

App info here

The Loop app is a well-designed offering that works as a personal energy assistant. It tracks energy usage in a home with the aim to save money and reduce grid load. The user can set specific energy targets based on the available budget. To start using the app, users are required to install a Loop transmitter.

Some users have taken advantage of apps like the Loop to monitor electricity usage by children and other occupants. In one instance, a user detected high energy usage at a time when children were supposed to be studying. This enabled the user to notice that they were playing games instead working on study materials.

Loop App Screen Shot

Loop Energy Management is a handy app which helps you manage energy consumption


Energy Cost Calculator

App Info Here

This app uses a simple equation-based system to compute the cost of energy. Users simply need to enter specific consumption variables. These include estimated electricity usage per hour, daily usage and the cost of electricity per kilowatt.

Energy Cost Calculator


Light Bulb Finder

App Info Here

The free Light Bulb Finder app is designed to help users quickly find retailers that sell energy-efficient light bulbs. It gathers information about the type of bulbs used in the household to determine the ideal options. The application is available on the Android and iOS mobile devices.



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