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ESP Platinum Ducted Air Conditioner

ESP Platinum Ducted Air Conditioner
February 7, 2017 Kozco

The Australian climate, like most other parts of the world, is unique to a certain level. There’s a difference between the American/European summer and Australian summer. Air conditioners that work in those countries don’t necessarily do well in Australia, thanks to the harsher Aussie climate. Fortunately for Australia, the country has a home-grown AC company that knows what harsh Australian summers are like. Yes, we are talking about Actron Air. In this article, we’ll focus specifically on Actron Air’s Energy Smart Performance (ESP) Platinum and its benefits.

Introduction to ESP Platinum

ESP Platinum is a ducted system that’s engineered to bear Australia’s coldest and hottest climatic conditions. It’s designed to excel in scenarios where other brand ACs would struggle and potentially stop working for a period of time. Besides this resilience, the ESP Platinum Ultima setup has several marquee features built into it. For instance, there is Energy Smart Zoning that uses sensors to virtually split the house in different areas and offer cooling based on a specific zone’s requirements. There are several other benefits to ESP Platinum, which is discussed in a bit more detail in the following paragraphs.


• Superior Operating Range

Most non-Australian ACs have an upper operating temperature level of 43 to 46-degree Celsius. ESP Platinum can operate up to 50-degree Celsius. The difference of 4 degrees may not look much on paper but makes a marked difference in real life. The temperature near the outdoor AC unit could reach much higher than what’s said on weather reports, thanks to the direct heat or sun radiation off the ground. These outdoor units are usually attached against a fence or wall where there isn’t much air circulation. The higher operating conditions of ESP Platinum enables it to excel during higher temperature periods.

• Vertical Air Discharge

The ESP Platinum’s outdoor unit is clever in the way that it has a vertical and not the industry-standard horizontal air discharge. Sides of Australian homes are certainly handy outdoor unit spaces, but they usually are jam-packed. There is, therefore, not much space for the air to escape the area. In case of horizontal discharge, there are more chances of hot air surrounding the unit, resulting in increased energy consumption, reduced performance and the possibility of the system completely stopping to protect itself till it cools off. The ESP Platinum discharges air vertically and eliminates all of these issues.

• Increased Energy Savings

As aforementioned, Energy Smart Zoning in the ESP Platinum ULTIMA ensures you receive air-conditioned air only when it’s needed. An Australian home may have a big living area along with other smaller areas that will be split into various operating zones. Regular inverter systems during night time operation in particular, may deliver excessive air than is required, when a particular zone is shut off. As a result, the zone that’s open experiences the “air dump” effect that is inefficient, noisy, and blows the curtain away. ESP Platinum’s Variable Fan Technology delivers appropriate levels of conditioned air to your required zones, with the ability to descend to as much as 20 percent of total airflow capacity, and 20% of the total system capacity.

As a result, the ESP Platinum system delivers performance that’s almost 75 percent more energy-efficient compared to traditional fixed-speed ACs. With such savings, you can save close to $4500 in 5 years on your electricity bill.

A better comparison is against inverters as every Japanese and Korean system on the market is an inverter system. The number in $$$$ saving won’t be as high but it will be a comparison against all of Actron’s competitors.

• Tru-Inverter Technology

Unlike traditional inverter compressors that induce a jump in capacity step-by-step, ESP Platinum’s Tru-Inverter is much more reactive to demand, which means it can attain desired temperature smoother and faster. In other words, Tru-Inverter can cool and heat your house five times faster compared to a traditional inverter system. Tru-Inverter also contributes to improved efficiency of the system by operating down to 20 percent of total capacity. On the other hand, conventional inverters can go down to only 50 percent of capacity. Some other systems may also claim similar capabilities but they may only reach high capacity output for as little as 20min bursts, which obviously slows the process down. Once the 20min burst is complete the system can only run at 100% capacity till you turn it off and back on, as opposed to the ESP Platinum Plus / Ultima systems which can run at 120% 24/7. These short 20min bursts are not going to make any difference on a hot summer day which defeats the purpose of a Tru compressor system.