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ESP Plus Ducted Air Conditioners

ESP Plus Ducted Air Conditioners
December 16, 2016 Kozco

What is ESP Plus?

The energy smart performance (ESP) plus is a uniquely designed energy saving air conditioner that delivers long term high comfort at a lower price through its increased efficiency and technology integration . The ESP Plus air conditioner is designed to operate efficiently all year round without much worry of the temperatures variations. It operates in temperatures ranging from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius, which covers all the temperature ranges in Australia. The ESP Plus is made to last longer through a carefully ingenious designing and engineering. In addition, this air conditioning is built in a way that lasts longer with minimal maintenance costs thereby delivering high quality and value for money.

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Benefits of ESP Air Conditioners

Cost reduction

ESP allows zoning of the houses depending on the energy requirements. The variable fan technology allows delivery of the needed ducted air conditioning to the different zones depending with the amounts required. The fan operates with up to 20% of its airflow capacity by adjusting its airflow. The integrated touch pad eliminates the need for an additional third party zone controller on the walls. The high efficiency of the ESP Plus makes a huge difference to the overall household cost related to electricity. With a proven 60% higher efficiency than the normal fixed speed air conditioner and 40% better than inverter systems one is able to save up to $700 annually on the electricity costs. The digital compressors can operate at 10% of its total capacity meaning that users only consume amounts of energy. Additionally, these systems avoid the energy consumption during the steps taken by conventional conditioners before reaching full capacity.

Increased comfort

The ESP reduces the air dump effect, which is a common nuisance with the conventional air conditioners. With the better smart performance system, the noisy curtain blowing is eradicated allowing the persons in the room enjoy better comfort. The digital compressors eliminates the lengthy waiting time of the traditional air conditioner to get ready to work. The digital compressor shoots from zero to full capacity instantly and in a smooth manner. One is able to remotely control their room temperatures from a distance as the ESP allows for wireless control over computers and smartphones. Therefore, one is able to check whether they have turned off the conditioner or confirm the condition before arriving in the house.

The integrated interface technology allows for even a week programming of the air conditioner to the convenience of the user. Such supplements the busy schedule of most working class people. The preprogramming eliminates the need for daily checking of the conditioners. The comfort is taken a notch higher as the ESP Plus allows individual zone control and also comes with a zone sensor that allow the master controller to control the alternate room conditions to the needs of the users. Additionally, the ESP Plus is smart enough to consider a preheating delay to allow the internal coil to heat up before the fans starts working. The delay function eliminates the cold air blasts accompanying some air conditioners during the winters, as the coils take longer to heat.

Actron Air Adelaide ESP Plus System

Actron Air ESP Plus System

Increased safety

ESP plus is designed to discharge air vertically instead of a horizontal discharge. This feature reduces the risks of air conditioner overheating and bursting especially in the closed spaces. The grille guards are coated with powder, which allows the conditioner to endure over 1000 working hours with exposure to salt sprays. The ESP Plus coils are coated with a blue fin epoxy, which provides indoor and outdoor protection. The protection also diminishes the corrosion of the conditioner during harsher surroundings. It also improves efficiency by aiding the defrosting procedure.

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