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How Efficient is Solar Power?

How Efficient is Solar Power?
March 3, 2017 Kozco

Solar energy is the cleanest and most environment-friendly form of energy humans have had access to in a long time. Though the world has been abuzz about solar energy and its potential for quite some time, it hasn’t yet embraced solar energy the way it should have. This is particularly the case for commercial solar panels. Businesses are yet to realise the many benefits that come with installing solar panels for their business.

Commercial Solar Power

What Are Solar Panels?

A solar panel is basically an instrument that converts any light into electricity. However, these are commonly referred to as solar panels because the sun is earth’s primary light source. Multiple solar cells make up these panels, which trap light and convert into energy.

Solar panels are available for both residential and commercial energy requirements. The main difference generally is the size of a commercial system versus a residential system. As you would expect with commercial clients being much larger users and using electricity during daytime, the solar energy system would be designed differently to ultimately increase the customers return on investment.

Benefits of Commercial Solar

Businesses stand to benefit a great deal from solar panel usage. The following are a few of those advantages:


With solar energy panels, your company saves significant money on utility bills with ROI’s generally between 20 and 40%. The higher the self consumption of the solar energy the faster the ROI would be. This reduction in monthly operating expenses increases margins, particularly in South Australia where power is the most expensive and unreliable in Australia. Solar energy also helps reduce uncertainty by reducing the effect of the constant energy price rises. Fossil fuel is a limited energy resource, and therefore our continued reliance on this would be unsustainable. The sun can provide your businesses solar panels with up to 80% of your energy needs.


Solar panels offer some of the highest returns on investment (ROI). Depending on your region, you could be eligible for tax credits if you use commercial solar panels. Moreover, a building that uses solar energy for power tends to go up in value. Therefore, if you put together the tax credits, appreciation in property value, and a host of other benefits, a commercial solar panel system easily beats any other form of investment. Also in some case improving building energy star ratings once solar panels are installed

Unlimited Energy

Since solar energy is available in infinite amounts, solar panels may often end up churning out more energy than what’s required. This excess energy, however, need not go to waste as you can now negotiate with a power company or store in batteries. Moreover, many utility firms provide a production incentive, which rewards companies for the electricity generated courtesy of solar power.

How Efficient Are Solar Panels?

The initial setup costs of commercial solar panels is now very affordable with finance options available. However, in the long run, you are bound to save $1000’s more money with solar panels every year.

For example, Kozco energy group can set up and install a 10KW commercial solar system for around $8490 + GST. This system can typically save about $4000* per year in energy costs for the business. If you’re a large company needing around an 80kw to 100kw system imagine the savings to the business in comparison to the typical $4k annual savings of a 10kw system. This results in an approximate 40% return on your investment, can also mean you are making money from your investment after 3 years, which will contribute to a massive change in your operating profitablity.

For more information on how you can save for your business contact Kozco Energy Group today. Kozco Energy Group also offers finance options for solar panels which in most cases makes your business cash positive from day one while using cleaner energy from you solar panels.