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REES Scheme – Huge Savings for Adelaide Businesses

REES Scheme – Huge Savings for Adelaide Businesses
November 14, 2016 Kozco

The Retailers Energy Efficiency Scheme, or REES, is a program offered by the South Australian Government, offering incentives to businesses to upgrade to energy efficient products and systems. Kozco can help your Adelaide business take advantage of this scheme. ENQUIRE today to find out how we can help you save. Below is some further information about the REES Scheme.

Business owners may receive discounts or free energy saving services. Low income families may also be eligible for free energy audits and services. Every energy retailer offers different programs, in order to achieve target goals. Kozco Energy Group are a part of this scheme and can help businesses upgrade to LED lights at a subsidised cost.

Some available services from the REES Scheme

Energy efficient lighting

Energy efficient lighting can come from the use of compact fluorescent bulbs and by using the least power necessary for specific tasks. LED globe lighting and fluorescent tube lighting is also more energy efficient than halogen and incandescent lighting.

For many businesses, the replacement of older lighting, with newer, more energy efficient LED lighting, can be entirely subsidised. In other instances, a substantial discount is available. LED and energy efficient lighting can reduce energy costs by up to 80 percent. It also reduces carbon emissions. Businesses and households interested in the program can get more information from this REES Scheme Overview. This overview covers the ways to reduce water usage, ways to reduce energy usage and costs, and about any programs available through local energy retailers.

Picture of LED Light

Upgrading to LED Lights is one of the energy efficiency upgrades that are subsidised by the REES Scheme

Standby power control

Standby power control means controlling the amount of power appliances draw when turned in the “off” setting. Even when plugged in and off, many appliances can draw a limited amount of power. This power can effect electric usage, when all electronic devices and appliances are considered. It can account for up to ten percent of total power usage in the office. By getting in the habit of unplugging appliances and devices at night, offices can experience lower energy bills.

Some offices have power switches for all outlets. This is a great way to reduce standby power usage. If the outlets are off, even plugged in appliances and devices won’t be able to draw any power. Replacing older appliances with newer, more energy efficient ones, when possible, can also help reduce power usage but won’t affect standby power usage. Removing batteries from some devices can help reduce standby power usage. It’s not always practical to do this, however.

Water efficient devices

Some of the most water efficient devices are the newer, low flow shower heads. Rain shower heads are just one example. However, not all rain shower heads are more efficient in reducing water usage than the more traditional counterparts. Many rain shower heads produce more droplets, at lower pressure. This reduces the amount of water used, as well as the amount of hot water used. Less hot water means lower costs for heating water in the tank.

REES Scheme FAQs

Who is eligible for a free audit on the REES Scheme?

A free energy efficiency audit is available to lower income homes. Those who may qualify for the free audit include those who hold a Government Pensioner card, those who hold a Gold Repatriation card, those who hold Gold health care cards, those who receive South Australian government energy concessions, and those who are participating in energy retailer hardship programs.

How does the REES Energy Scheme help me save money?

By participating in the Retailers energy Efficiency Scheme, businesses can reduce energy costs. The amount of reduction will vary, depending on how much energy usage can be reduced, which programs are available, and whether any energy saving measures are already in place.

What businesses can take advantage of REES Scheme?

Any business in SA can take advantage of the scheme. The scheme is particularly popular with hotels and places of commercial accomodation. The REES hotel accomodation scheme can provide huge energy savings to hotels because of the demands accomodation places on energy usage.

How can Businesses Take Advantage of the REES Scheme?

Kozco energy group can help businesses take full advantage of the REES Scheme. They have worked with many Adelaide businesses to replace less efficient lighting with LED lighting and obtain the relevant rebates the Scheme offers. As a company focused on Energy Efficiency, Kozco understand the various components of the scheme and how to best take advantage of it for businesses.

In many cases you will be able to upgrade to energy efficient LED lighting for little to no cost. Kozco Energy Group would love to help you to see the extent of savings you are eligible for.

As well as the immediate supply and installation savings, they can also provide simple tips for ongoing energy savings. They can assist with a free or low cost audit which will help you understand where your energy usage is occurring and how it can be potentially minimised on an ongoing basis. As you can imagine the potential savings are huge. And thanks to the REES Scheme, upgrading to energy efficient solutions may not cost your business much at all.

How can Homes Take Advantage of the REES Scheme?

Adelaide homes can take advantage of the REES Scheme by visiting this SA Government website to find out more. This resource contains a range of helpful information and FAQs regarding the REES Scheme.

The REES Scheme – In Conclusion

The REES Scheme presents a great opportunity to save money both now and in the long term. Kozco are approved commercial contractors who can help your business take full advantage of the scheme. If you are in need of an energy audit or want to find out more about the REES Scheme speak to Kozco today 1300 056 926 or go to our contact page to send us a message.