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Solar Panel Specialists

Power your home or business from the sun & safeguard against hefty power bills

With energy costs continually on the rise, a self – sufficient home or business powered by the sun is the way of the future. We specialise in renewable energy solutions.

Through extensive research and development, Kozco Energy Group have packaged solar systems using the best quality products available today. We only use Tier 1 panels, which are the highest quality products to ensure satisfaction and reliability.

Add value to your home or office & save money

Solar systems add value to your home or office with a very impressive return on investment. We work closely with you to choose the best system so you can take advantage of the many benefits immediately. With solar is not just about the product however the installation as well, with our highly trained and qualified Kozco installation team delivering a high quality installation and service at all times.

Easy steps to a brand new solar system:

  • Initial meeting and discussion
  • Site assessment
  • Grid and solar power assessment
  • Roof and shade assessment
  • Environmental aspects to the installation
  • Energy improvement strategies (eg: trimming of tress)
  • General electrical maintenance & upkeep
  • Wayne responded quickly for my quote request for a solar system.  He answered all my questions and provided me options for the system which best fitted our needs. Wayne also accommodated my request to inspect a recently completed installation for my reference.

    Pricing was very competitive and being a local entity offered its advantages over the bigger companies. There was no hidden cost or variation on the quoted price.  Installation went fine on the agreed date and the system had been performing well.

    Highly recommended!

    DexterHope Valley

The benefits of installing a solar power system

One of the most important reasons to invest in a solar power system is protection. Protection against the rising cost of electricity. This of course, means you’ll be saving money now and into the future.

Saving money is just the beginning, solar power system also adds value to your home or business and helps the environment.

All our systems are battery storage ready and we are up to date with latest releases in new technology.

More Reasons to Invest in Solar Panels in Adelaide

It makes economic sense

Solar panels basically convert energy from the sun into electricity that can be used at home or in a commercial setting. This means the only time you are going to spend money is during acquisition of the panels. The other costs that may be incurred include installation and maintenance. Once you have covered these costs you can continue enjoying solar energy for the rest of your life. According to One Block Grid which is an agency in the United States, individuals can save up to $100 every month when using these panels. Take the sum of 12 months in a year and the economic sense is obvious.

Increases the value of the home

If you are thinking of selling or leasing out your building consider installing solar panels as a way to increase its value. People prefer a home with panels because it means they do not have to worry about monthly energy bills. With the real estate industry constantly becoming competitive, it is easy to note why homes with solar panels sell much faster than those that feature conventional energy sources.

Environmentally friendly

Both human beings and animals depend on the environment for survival. It is with this in mind that anyone that wishes to conserve the environment should consider the use of solar panels. They produce clean energy that does not have any negative effects on the surroundings.

Panels are a secure investment

It is common to hear of fuel prices fluctuating or power interruptions due to poor supply of crude oil or reduced water levels at power plants. However, solar panels provide a predictable way of getting energy. Once installed you can be sure to enjoy the benefits for a long time to come without worrying about energy cost fluctuations or power interruptions.

Another point to note is that almost all panel manufacturers offer long term warranties on their products. This means you can continue enjoying the benefits of functional panels for a long period of time and in case anything goes wrong you can return the product and have it fixed or replaced.

Creates energy independence

Most countries or cities rely on energy from other regions to satisfy commercial or residential needs. As more people start installing panels in their homes and commercial premises, the result will be independence with regards to energy needs. The money that would otherwise be used to pay for energy externally will be put to other use within the local economic environment and this ultimately ensures better livelihoods for the residents of the region.

You have multiple options to choose from

There are many companies that are renowned for manufacturing quality panels across the world. This makes it possible for anyone to go through a number of solar panel products before settling on the most suitable for personal needs. Smaller panels may be ideal for small homes while larger panels or those that come in pairs or groups can be ideal for use in commercial areas.

Easy to install

Unlike other energy sources such as electricity which require careful and intricate wiring, solar panels are compact and mobile enough to be transported from one area to another with relative ease. Professionals can install panels within a short period of time meaning you can start enjoying energy from the panels within the same day of purchase. The panels are designed with safety in mind making them some of the safest options for individuals that would like to keep their homes or commercial premises free of accidents or incidents that may lead to loss of property or life.

Keeps businesses competitive

Businesses that opt for solar panels are likely to cut down significantly on the costs they incur in terms of monthly energy bills. This gives them an edge over competitors that use traditional sources of energy. With less money going to energy bills, the business can opt to reduce its product price or use the extra cash to develop areas that are likely to increase profitability.

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