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Solar Panels More Popular Than Ever in Australia

Solar Panels More Popular Than Ever in Australia
April 28, 2017 Kozco
Solar Panel Trend Australia

An older couple in Melbourne’s norther suburbs recently became part of a trend that is sweeping Australia, namely, installing solar panels on the roof of their home to lower their electricity bills. The four-kilowatt system that Warwick and Lola Neilley installed on top of their home produces enough electricity  so that they only have to pay the their local utility about $2 per month. Read the ABC News Article here

Image Courtesy ABC News

Current Trend Started in 2016

Increased demand for solar started in 2016, but in the first months of 2017, installation of solar panels has soared, with March seeing the highest number in almost five years. According to the energy consultancy firm Sunwiz, 91 megawatts of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems were installed during the month. Queensland led the way, but installations also increased significantly in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. Recent blackouts in South Australia have increased demand, but at the same time, homeowners are also beginning to recognise the benefits of solar power, which go beyond the protection against a power grid interruption.

Take Advantage of Australia’s Never-Ending Sunshine

Australia is deservedly called the Sunburnt County. Energy from the sun can be easily used to warm your water, heat your home and run your appliances, even when the sun is not shining. A lot of Australians already have. By 2013, more than a million households across the country had solar panels installed, while another 800,000 had devices such as solar hot water systems and air source heat pumps. With more solar radiation per square kilometer available here than anywhere else in the world, the sun produces up to 10,000 times more energy than Australians consume in a single year.

Solar Panel Installation

Financial Benefits of Solar Power

Although initial start-up and set-up costs can be pricey, benefits begin to materialise as soon as your system operates, making solar a good investment in the future, with approximate residential payback periods around the 3 year mark, after that the savings are all yours. As you collect your own energy, you use less power from the grid, resulting in an immediate reduction in utility bills. Another financial benefit is that you can actually make money when your solar panels produce more energy than you can use. In these instances you can sell the excess back to the power grid, depending on the laws in place in your area, or, install a battery storage system to help run your home through nigh time periods, further reducing your energy costs.

Additional Benefits

Installing solar power in your home reduces your carbon footprint. You will reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and help preserve the environment at the same time. Because it is “green” energy, it doesn’t pollute the environment, which can be a selling point for your home. Contact Kozco today for more information.