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Standard Inclusions

Benefit for builders

The only company in South Australia offering these features to you as standard

  • Metal powder coated superior vents
  • Air clean filtration
  • Metal insulated fittings
  • Platinum Flex ducting
  • Exactair Air Regulators and zoning system
  • Zone 10e tablet with variable zone control

zone10e touchscreen
zone10e app

Take control with the zone10e app

The custom designed zone10e app is an extra feature to the zone10e system and allows most smartphones or tablets to become a remote control within your home WiFi network and world wide.

Using the zone10e app gives you the ability to control the zoning system without ever getting off the couch.

zone10e Exact Air Regulator

The Exact Air Regulator, instead of a single scoop it has Opposed Blade Dampers (OBDs). Think of them as a series of double doors that can open and close in 10% increments. These OBDs are the reason zone10e is able to supply air far more precisely. As the air goes where it is needed, you achieve your preferred temperature as energy efficiently as possible.

The Exact Air Regulator rewards you with smoother, quieter and more even airflow.

zone10e Exact Air Regulator
Zone 10e Android Tablet

Touchscreen that is also a tablet

The zone10e 7-inch colour touchscreen doubles as an Android tablet. You are able to control both the air management system and air conditioning unit from one screen with ease.

With the touch of the Android icon you can stay in touch with loved ones, search a recipe and watch videos while you cook…. As it is wired to the wall it never goes missing and never needs charging.