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Since 2005, we’ve earned our reputation for one of
Adelaides leading air conditioning companies for our focus on sustainable air – and Kozco Energy Group is no different.

Air conditioning and comfort is the hero product in any energy system.

It’s essential to make the right product choice for your property. We hand-pick the industry-leading air conditioning brands building relationships and delivering a professional service to you.

ActronAir, the Australian-made and operated brand, is one such relationship we’re proud of. Not only do they have premium products, but they go above and beyond to help us (help you) find the right solution. Kozco also offers Daikin, Mitsubishi, Rinnai and additional brands to ensure we find the right solution on-hand for every installation.

Our team has 15 years of experience advising, installing, and servicing air conditioners, to guarantee your comfort, without worrying about spiking your energy bill.

Air Conditioning
Ducted System

Full control of the temperatures in your home

A refrigerated ducted system is the most efficient system to heat and cool your home. It allows you to fully control the temperatures of all the rooms. This air conditioner blows warm and cold air through the vents of your home, without any visible pipes or cables. It consists of a compressor unit placed outside, usually next to the home or on the roof. It is perfect for new builds but can also be installed in an established home. Kozco works with premium brands and certified installers to ensure you have a ducted heating and cooling system that fully fits your needs.

Serene S2 Bedroom Interior Lifestyle

Reverse cycle air conditioner from $899 Fully Installed.

Our hi-wall split system air conditioners are equipped with the latest inverter technology. Reverse cycle, high-quality brands, fully installed. Let Kozco help you find the best split system air con for your home or office. Find out more via the link below.

We partnered with South Australia’s renowned home and commercial builders where we perform work from split system to multi-head commercial installations. We have the best after-care solutions with a wide scope of on-site capabilities.

Air conditioners for South Australian business owners

Are you looking for an efficient air conditioning solution for your business? Our energy specialists are here to help. We can assist you from start to finish, with:

  • Correctly sizing your commercial air con system
  • Tailor-made solutions for business of all sizes
  • Installation by certified installers
  • Service to keep your air con system in pristine condition

We focus on helping you save money with a great return on investment. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a no-obligation quote.

Commercial Systems
Air Conditioning service

Your air con service specialist in Adelaide

We take pride in ensuring your system is in pristine condition. It doesn’t stop after installation; we remind you when your air conditioner is due for a service, only use high quality filters and guarantee your system’s manufacturer’s warranty requirements are being honoured.

AirClean Filters™ is setting a new standard for air-conditioning filters.

At Kozco, we use AirClean Filters™. These disposable filters are designed to block out tiny particles that can be harmful for your health. With traditional washable filters, small, invisible pollutants can stay behind after cleaning. AirClean Filters™ make sure to filter out pollen, dust mites, virus carriers and mould spores that could trigger an allergic reaction or asthma. AirClean Filters™ are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program and carry the blue butterfly quality mark. Because the filtering is so efficient, it helps maintaining a cleaner indoor unit. This contributes to the lifespan of your air conditioner and reduces its energy consumption.


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Talk to our Energy Experts today on 1300 456 926