Air conditioning service

The best after care solutions for your air conditioning system

When you choose Kozco Energy Group for your air conditioning system, our service doesn’t end after the installation. We offer the best after care solutions and access to our qualified technicians for your peace of mind. Because we use our own in-house installation team for each and every product we install in South Australian homes and businesses, you get the extra assurance of knowing that the company who has sold you the product, has installed the product and it is this same team that will be there for all after sales support and maintenance. We only use brands that you can rely on and that have proven product performance and technology. Our warranties are guaranteed and our team are always contactable if and when you need us.

We’ll also provide you with tips and information on how to best look after your air conditioning system so you get be sure it will perform at optimum efficiency. And to make things easy, we will remind you when your air conditioning system is due for its annual service.

Servicing your air conditioner with Kozco Energy Group

During our residential air conditioning service, our technicians check your system to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible.

The service includes:

  • Clean outdoor unit and coil

  • Inspect pipe connections
  • Inspect inside outdoor unit
  • Inspect duct works, check air vents
  • Operate and test all zones

  • Replace filter with free, highly efficient AirClean Filter

  • Operate heating and cooling mode

  • Wipe vents and controller

Please note, customers are not locked into 5 years of servicing with our Annual Support Service packages.

Talk to our Energy Experts today on
1300 456 926

Talk to our Energy Experts today on 1300 456 926