Put the power in your hands

Battery storage is an innovative game-changer, that’s worth investing in now. As a premium certified installer, we offer a customised, solar-plus-battery solution that helps you access and monetise the sun’s unlimited energy.

With Powerwall and commercial Powerpack, you can store the solar energy you generate during the day for use at night, making sustainable power available 24/7.

When you add a battery storage system to your solar panels you really are putting the power in your hands to power your home or business with unlimited, clean, renewable energy that is stored and able to be used when it suits you.  

You can leverage this revolutionary technology easily with Kozco Energy Group.

We’ll take care of everything. Our team provides the system design, permitting installation, finance (if required) and ongoing system and customer service.

View our battery storage options below. 

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Talk to our Energy Experts today on 1300 456 926